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Cargotec is committed to communicating actively and openly with all stakeholders irrespective of whether the information is positive or negative for the company. All communications are performed in a transparent, credible, proactive and consistent manner. The aim is to provide reliable and timely information in support of a fair valuation of the company's shares.

Cargotec does not conduct any meetings with capital market representatives during a three-week period prior to the publishing of financial statements or interim reports.

Cargotec is committed to communicating actively and openly with all stakeholders irrespective of whether the information is positive or negative for the company. All communications are performed in a transparent, credible, proactive and consistent manner. The aim is to provide reliable and timely information in support of a fair valuation of the company’s shares.

Cargotec class B shares are listed in Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Cargotec’s information disclosure as a Finnish listed company is regulated by the Finnish and EU legislation as well as rules, standards and recommendations of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd, the Finnish Financial Supervision Authority and company’s corporate governance principles. Cargotec will adhere to all this regulation in its communications.

This policy is approved by the Board of Directors and it describes Cargotec’s main principles for disclosing price sensitive information to the company’s stakeholders and communicating with the capital markets.

The securities market in Finland is supervised by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. The principal statute governing the securities market is the Securities Markets Act. The Securities Markets Act contains regulations, inter alia, with respect to company and shareholder disclosure obligations, listing of securities, trade in listed securities, public take-overs, redemption obligations and insider obligations. The role of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority is to monitor compliance with these regulations.

The Securities Markets Act specifies minimum disclosure requirements for Finnish companies listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange or offering securities to the public in Finland. The information provided must be sufficient to enable investors to make a sound evaluation of the security being offered and the issuing company. Finnish listed companies have an obligation to publish regularly information inter alia with respect to their results and financial standings as well as a continuing obligation to publish any such matters likely to have a material impact on the value of their securities.

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​Meeting requests

Tiina Aaltonen

Executive Assistant to the CFO and Investor Relations
Tel. +358 20 777 4105

Hanna-Maria Heikkinen

Vice President,
Investor Relations
Tel. +358 20 777 4084

Aki Vesikallio

Director, Investor Relations 
+358 40 729 1670

Investor relations in 2019

This text is an extract from the Cargotec Annual review 2019. Links to the 2019 annual report documents can be found on this same page.

In September 2019, 13 investors and analysts visited Kalmar’s and Hiab’s assembly units in Stargard, Poland

Cargotec’s Investor Relations actively organised various events for investors and analysts in 2019. In addition to Investor Relations, Cargotec’s CEO, CFO, business area presidents and other business experts participated in investor meetings and events.

In September, Cargotec organised the Finnish Industrial Days in Shanghai together with other Finnish industrial companies KONE, Wärtsilä and Kemira. About 30 analysts and investors attended our presentations during the event. Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor representatives explained their recent development, market conditions and plans for the future in China.

Also in September Cargotec IR organised a site visit for analysts and investors to Hiab’s and Kalmar’s sites in Stargard, Poland, where their main assembly units are located. The purpose of the event was to offer analysts and investors an opportunity to meet with our local business leads and gain a better understanding of our assembly capabilities in Poland. In total 13 investors and analysts participated in the visit.

In June, we organised a Service Day event in Helsinki, Finland, where service leaders of Kalmar, Hiab and MacGregor gave presentations about the growth prospects, recent development as well as achievements after the Capital Market Day 2017. In March we organised a Hiab investor breakfast in Helsinki. The event included presentations from Hiab’s President Scott Phillips and other members of Hiab’s top management. 20 investors and analysts participated in this event.

In 2019, Investor Relations organised 19 roadshows in the US, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy and France. We also participated in several conferences and seminars, for example in the SEB Industrial and Technology Seminar and Carnegie Capital Goods Conference in Stockholm, Sweden, and SEB Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. In addition, Cargotec attended several events targeted to private investors, and hosted frequent investor and analyst meetings both at Cargotec headquarters in Helsinki as well as in other venues.

The publication dates for Cargotec’s Financial statements review, half-year report and interim reports in 2019 were 8 February, 25 April, 18 July and 22 October. Cargotec arranged conference calls for media and analysts for all the interim reports, where the CEO and CFO presented the results for the previous quarter. It was possible to follow the meetings at Cargotec’s head office in Helsinki, via a live audio webcast on Cargotec’s investor website or via a conference call. Cargotec IR also produced specific short videos for each quarter, where the main results from each quarter were concisely presented. Recordings, videos and transcripts of the events are available on Cargotec’s investor website.

Awards in 2019
The IR magazine awarded Cargotec Investor Relations the Best Investor Event (small to mid-cap) 2019 Award in its annual IR Magazine Awards - Europe evaluation. The winners
are determined by the input of hundreds of analysts and portfolio managers, who give their opinions on which companies provide them with the best IR service in Europe.

Analyst coverage
At the end of 2019, Cargotec share was covered by 12 analysts, located in Helsinki, Stockholm, and London. Analyst contact information as well as consensus estimates are available on Cargotec’s investor website. Cargotec does not take any responsibility for the content, accuracy or completeness of the views of analysts or other capital market representatives.

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