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Kalmar takes a further lead in terminal automation

Kalmar Industries has expanded its range of terminal automation products with the addition of SmartpathTM,an automation package for straddle carriers and reachstackers.

SmartpathTM adds further building blocks to Kalmar's terminal automation tools - of which Kalmar's pioneering Smartrail automatic steering and container position verification system for RTGs is perhaps the best known example.

The container positioning element within SmartpathTM enables Kalmar to offer its straddle carrier and reachstacker customers a complete package whereby the GPS based container positioning system is factory assembled and fully integrated with the machine functions.
The real-time container position information can be integrated into all leading yard planning and equipment control systems without modifications and thus represents an easy-to-use enhancement and integration tool for yard management systems.

Kalmar's system features a multi-sensor positioning unit whereby GPS is augmented by additional vehicle mounted sensors together with a graphical client display utilising a large colour screen and an oversize functional keyboard for easy operation. In normal operation, no data input is needed from the equipment driver. Container positions are automatically relayed into the yard planning database when the twistlocks are released.

SmartpathTM container positioning can increase terminal productivity considerably because there are no misplaced containers. It also provides real-time position management of each piece of handling equipment enabling individual machines to be tasked in the most efficient way when utilising the new optimised equipment tasking software programs that are now coming to the market from yard management system suppliers.

Since SmartpathTM container positioning is completely integrated,it also lets the driver fully concentrate on his job by providing him with tools such as a terminal map and by creating automatically the container pick and place impulsesto the yard management system.

The first customer to introduce straddle carriers fitted with SmartpathTM container positioning at the manufacturing stage will be the Port Authority of Jamaica at its terminal in Kingston. The 12 new Kalmar straddle carriers being built at the moment in the Tampere factory will feature this system - fully integrated and installed during the manufacturing process.

For further information, please contact Keijo Parviainen, Kalmar Container Handling on tel: +358 3 2658 111


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