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Mardas Marmara opts for the latest in
Kalmar RTG technology

Mardas Marmara Deniz Isletmeciligi AS, the container terminal operator in the Mardas Port area of the Ambarli Port Complex in Istanbul, Turkey, has opted for the latest in handling and fleet management technology with an order for six Kalmar E-One all-electric RTGs. Each unit will be equipped with Smartrail and Remote Machine Interface (RMI).

The 16-wheel E-One RTGs will be delivered and fully erected at Mardas Port by the end of May 2006. They will be able to stack one over six containers high and nine plus one wide.

Already a Kalmar customer, Mardas operates seven ro-ro terminal tractors, three Contchamp reachstackers and one empty container reachstacker. In 2004, the port saw cargo volumes rise by more than 20%. For this reason Mardas has opted for Kalmar E-One RTG to update its current reachstacker handling operation. The high-spec machine will enable the terminal to optimise space utilisation, while low fuel costs and long service intervals will keep operating costs at a competitive level.

Kalmar E-One, green and productive
E-One is the market first all-electric RTG that is without the need for hydraulics. Due to fuel savings and low-maintenance requirements, it has already attracted orders for more than 40 units from across the globe.

E-One features a low-emission diesel engine and is fitted with electric trolley, wheel turning and spreader. It contains fewer critical mechanical components and therefore provides less opportunity for mechanical failures. A service interval of up to 1,000 hours for both the crane and the engine is unmatched by all other brands.

E-One offers fuel savings of up to 30%. This is based on new intelligence in RTG movements: the crane speeds (gantry, hoisting) are adjusted according to the load under the spreader. Conventional RTGs’ hydraulics run constantly whereas in the E-One electrical power can be used only when needed.

E-One all-electric and maintenance-free load stability control (antisway and stabliser) add to reliability and help the crane driver to work faster and more accurately.

Kalmar Smartrail autosteering system enables the driver to travel at maximum speed between lifts and to concentrate fully on picking up or setting down containers. It also incorporates an integrated Position Detection System (PDS) which automatically logs the position of each container and is connected to the container yard management system. A container position verification system works to complement the PDS and prevents containers getting lost.

RMI is a tool used for the remote monitoring, maintenance tasking and reporting of RTGs from a control room at a customer terminal or via remote support over the internet. With operations being observed from one place, the time spent on machine checks is greatly reduced, providing a more efficient service.

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Kalmar is a global provider of heavy duty materials handling equipment and services to ports, intermodal traffic, terminals and demanding industrial customers. Kalmar focuses on supplying handling solutions that enable customers to operate with a high level of efficiency and reliability. Every fourth container or trailer transfer at terminals around the world is handled by a Kalmar machine.

Kalmar provides a large range of value added services such as maintenance contracts and fleet management. Production plants are situated in Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Malaysia, China and the USA. Kalmar net sales were EUR 865,4 million in 2004.

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