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HAL contracts MacGREGOR elevator service programme


MacGREGOR elevators and provisions stores serve Radiance of the Seas

MacGREGOR has supplied outfits of elevators andprovisions stores for the first pair of Royal Caribbean new 88,000gt Radiance-classcruise ships, the largest to be built at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany

Radiance of the Seas, the first of Royal CaribbeanCruises Ltd new Radiance-class ships, is scheduled to enter service in April andwill be followed by a second in the series, Brilliance of the Seas, in summer 2002.The 88,000gt Radiance of the Seas is the largest ship to be built at the Papenburgshipyard of Meyer Werft

The Radiance-class ships (formerly known as the ProjectVantage class) will be operated by the Royal Caribbean International brand. In keepingwith RCI tradition of introducing new concepts and surprises in its new deliveries,Radiance of the Seas has more glass than on any Royal Caribbean ship. This featureeven extends to the MacGREGOR-supplied all-glass elevators, which face out from thecentral atrium giving panoramic views of the sea.

18 elevators

MacGREGOR has supplied a total of 18 elevators and one dumbwaiter. Nine of the elevators are for passenger use and the other nine are for serviceduties.

There are six panoramic elevators in the main atrium at thecentre of the ship, four of which are the outward facing all-glass versions operatingbetween decks 2 and 13 with a travelling height of 33.1m. The other two scenic elevatorsface inboard, and operate between decks 2 and 11 with a travelling height of 26.9m.

In the forward part of the ship there are another threepassenger elevators serving decks 2 to 12 with a combined travelling height of 30.5m.

All passenger elevators are of the high-speed type with atravelling speed of 1.6m/s. Each uses KONE MR geared traction drives, and all have acapacity for 20 people or a maximum load of 1,500kg.

Service elevators

Two of the nine service elevators are located in theforward part of the ship operating through a height of 35.7m and calling at 13 decks. Theyhave a capacity of 1,500kg or 18 people. The other service elevators are in the aft partof the ship linking the main galleys, stores and service areas. Three are of 1,000kg(eight-passenger) capacity and the remainder are of 1,500kg (16-passenger) capacity.

All service elevators are of the geared traction type withthe exception of elevator No 18, which uses a MiniSpace* drive system because of limitedavailable installation space. Operating heights vary but the operating speed is 1.0m/s forall the service elevator units. The dumb waiter has an operating speed of 0.45m/s and runsbetween three decks totalling 6.2m in height.

All elevators utilise KONE TMS600 controllers and arelinked to a KONE EMC (elevator monitoring and command) system. This provides trafficdisplays, reports for analysis, control of usage, historic analysis and maintenancesupport data.

Provisions stores

The provisions stores contract is notable as it is thefirst to use the new MacGREGOR refrigerated room doors complying with A15 fire rating andB1 insulation standard. A total of 47 rooms have been supplied including 17 walk-instores. The main cold stores are located on decks 1 and 2 with the walk-in rooms locatedon decks 3, 4, 5, 6 and 11.

MacGREGOR is supplying a similar package of equipment to Brillianceof the Seas.

* MiniSpace is a trademark of KONE Corporation.


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