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HIAB XS 022, 033 and 044 – small and versatile cranes ready to meet customer needs


The world's leading supplier of load handling equipment, Hiab, launches three new XS cranes in the 2-4 tonne metre range. The new cranes are compact with superior performance in their capacity range.

Hiab has always been associated with high quality and continuous improvement. These new XS cranes are the result of careful research and development. The design provides a sleek, cost-effective and professional crane appearance, without compromising the expected Hiab standard and quality. Sensitive parts, like pressure gauges and hydraulics, are placed in strategic places to facilitate service and maximize uptime.

"HIAB XS 022, 033 and 044 cranes are made to be a perfect working companion in daily work. Thanks to the XS modularity, even for these small cranes, the range of possible applications is more or less limitless", says Marcel Boxem, Acting Product Manager at Hiab.

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