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MacGREGOR delivers Korean port complete solution for cement unloading

20 April, 2009

Next year cement unloading at the Korean port of Pyongtak-Danjing will be smoothed by a Siwertell mechanical screw-type shipunloader from MacGREGOR to ensure efficient, reliable and environment-friendly operations

Earlier this year, Korean company Youngjin Cport Co Ltd placed an order with MacGREGOR for a Siwertell cement shipunloader for the port of Pyongtak-Danjing. MacGREGOR has unrivalled experience in developing marine cargo handling and offshore load-handling solutions, and is part of Cargotec Corporation, the world's leading provider of cargo handling solutions used in local transportation, terminals, ports, distribution centres, and ships.

The Siwertell 490-F mechanical screw-type shipunloader will be delivered to the Korean port in the second quarter of 2010 and is designed to unload cement at a rated capacity of 800 t/hr from ships up to 30,000 dwt.

Jonas Fack, sales director forBulk terminals says that: Youngjin chose MacGREGOR for the order because of our worldwide market-leading position in cement-handling technology. MacGREGOR has lengthy and proven experience in this field and, overall, it was able to provide the customer with the best complete solution, which includes its service capabilities.

This system is well-proven, reliable and efficient, and also has a low power-consumption requirement, Mr Fack highlights. It is well-suited to discharging this type of material and is the most efficient and environmentally-friendly system to unload cement from standard bulk carriers. Also, it operates as a totally-enclosed unit so there is no dust or spillage into the local environment.

Siwertell Shipunloader_low
Caption: MacGREGOR will be providing the Korean port of Pyongtak-Danjing with a similar Siwertell screw-type ship unloader as the one provided to the port of Inchon, also located in Korea

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