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MacGREGOR OSV bulk handling system optimises use of below-deck space


MacGREGOR ROV-handling technology expands operational weather-windows

A new remotely operated vehicle (ROV) support vessel will feature MacGREGOR subsea load handling technology that enables reliable and accurate offshore operations in adverse conditions Cargotec MacGREGOR business area has secured a substantial new order from Norwegian/Dutch company Fugro Geoteam for two complete ROV launch-and-recovery handling systems.

In total, the order comprises two overhead-mounted launch-and-recovery systems and two umbilical winch systems to be delivered in May 2010 to the company new ROV-support vessel Fugro Symphony, which is expected to enter service in the third quarter of 2010.

ystein Bondevik, sales director for MacGREGOR Offshore division says: The unique overhead design of these powerful and flexible handling systems will provide Fugro Symphony with the sought-after precision needed to manoeuvre the subsea ROV system onto the seabed and will add valuable deck space in the hangar.

The combination of the ROV-handling system and the active heave-compensated ROV winch will also expand the vessel weather-window and will assure operational reliability, accuracy and precision, which are vital elements when working offshore in adverse climate conditions. Furthermore, with these systems installed, the critical splash zone area can be secured because the dual axis dampening technology reduces the load movement at this crucial stage.

In addition, the MacGREGOR VHSS umbilical spooling system, which is fitted on the winch, will ensure excellent spooling and full-diameter bending radius of the cable. In turn, the umbilical cable will undergo less wear and tear, granting it a longer lifespan.

MacGREGOR ROV launch-and-recovery system and its umbilical winch technology are components of a broader high-precision subsea load-handling product range that also offers active heave-compensated offshore cranes and module-handling solutions.

In addition to the ROV launch-and-recovery systems, Fugro Symphony will also be equipped with a MacGREGOR Hydramarine 150T active heave compensated knuckle jib crane. It is capable of lowering large loads down to a water depth of 3,000m and is due for delivery in November 2009.

Caption: MacGREGOR 12-tonne capacity ROV launch-and-recovery system onboard Fugro Saltire; a similar one will be delivered to Fugro Symphony. (download high reso image here)

Caption: A 150-tonne active heave-compensated knuckle jib crane on Fugro Saltire;a similar one will be delivered to Fugro Symphony. (download high reso image here)


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