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Three-berth MacGREGOR linkspan completes Immingham ship/shore RoRo access system


Birka Paradise benefits from ten MacGREGOR elevators

Birka Paradise now serves the short cruise route between Sweden and Finland, and both passengers and crew benefit from ten elevators that were supplied and installed by MacGREGOR

The purpose-built cruiseship Birka Paradise was delivered at the end of last year by Aker Finnyards Rauma yard to its owner Birka Line. The 177m vessel has started operating on its short cruise route between Stockholm, Sweden and Mariehamn, Finland and features ten MacGREGOR-supplied elevators that serve Birka Paradise's 1,800 passengers and 160 crewmembers.

The vessel has eleven decks, five of which are dedicated to passenger accommodation. Public spaces range over three decks and comprise: nine restaurants; several bars; two night-clubs; a large conference area for 400 people; and shops. Uppermost, there is the recreation deck with an observation lounge and pool and spa compartments. To meet its concept of a luxury Caribbean liner, Birka Paradise also has a glass-covered sun deck that the builder says offers tropical warmth under an artificial sun, with 90 per cent of UV rays being filtered away. In the summer, the glass roof can be opened.

Of the ten MacGREGOR-supplied elevators, six are dedicated passenger units and four are service elevators. Three of the six passenger elevators are scenic types, which serve nine decks and can carry 15 people (1,125kg). They each use MiniSpace* technology. The remaining three passenger elevators serve 8 decks and have the same capacity, but use MonoSpace* technology. All of the four service elevators also use MonoSpace technology. Two of the service units can carry 21 people (1,600kg) and the other two are 20-person (1,500kg) units. All the elevators have a speed of 1.0m/s.

MonoSpace is the first practical elevator that does not require a machinery room. MiniSpace and MonoSpace elevators both employ the supercompact gearless EcoDisc* hoisting drive. This makes it possible to have an elevator concept that occupies less space and weighs less than conventional traction elevators, offering benefits to both shipowner and shipyard. Space savings inside the machinery rooms of up to 50 per cent are made using this system, as well as weight savings of 10 per cent, and a 40 per cent reduction in power consumption. The elevators also benefit from KONE MX operating machinery and KONE LCE control systems.

*MonoSpace, MiniSpace and EcoDisc are trademarks of KONE Corporation, and are being used by the MacGREGOR Group under licence from KONE.


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