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Alternative performance measures (APMs) used in Cargotec's financial reporting

Cargotec uses and presents APMs to better convey the underlying business performance and to enhance comparability from period to period. APMs are reported as complementary information.

The alternative performance measures used by Cargotec are:

  • Operating profit excluding restructuring costs (MEUR and % of shares) = Operating profit + restructuring costs
  • ​Interest-bearing net debt (MEUR) = Interest-bearing liabilities – loans receivable and other interest-bearing assets +/- foreign currency hedge of corporate bonds
  • Net interest-bearing debt / EBITDA, rolling 12 months = Net interest bearing debt / EBITDA (earning before interests, taxes, depreciation and amortisation, rolling 12 months)
  • Operative capital employed = Net working capital + goodwill + other intangible assets + property, plant and equipment + investments in associated companies and joint ventures + share investments

Restructuring costs include restructuring provisions, asset impairments and disposals, expenses for vacant premises and other restructuring-related expenses in case of a significant restructuring programme of Cargotec or its business area.

New alternative performance measure – Comparable operating profit

Starting from 1 January 2019, Cargotec replaces the alternative performance measure of "operating profit excluding restructuring costs" with "comparable operating profit" for measuring business performance in the financial reporting. Comparable operating profit does not contain items significantly affecting comparability. In addition to restructuring costs, these items mainly include capital gains and losses, income and expenses related to business acquisitions and disposals, impairments of assets and reversals of impairments, insurance benefits, and expenses related to legal proceedings. Cargotec's comparable operating profit for 2018 is EUR 242.1 (2017: 258.6) million.


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