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Cargotec was listed on the NASDAQ OM Helsinki on 1 June 2005 and the company's first official financial period was 1 June - 31 December 2005. Unaudited pro forma comparison figures are presented for those periods for which official comparative figures are not available. 

Pro forma figures present Cargotec's financial information based on its business and corporate structure at the time of the listing to facilitate the financial evaluation of the company. Hence, MacGregor's marine cargo flow business acquired in spring 2005 is included in the pro forma figures of all comparison periods as if the acquisition would have happened before the periods presented. Pro forma information is based on IFRS and the accounting principles of Cargotec's official consolidated financial statements have been applied when suitable. The final accounting impact of the MacGregor acquisition according to IFRS 3 is included in the official result as of June 1, 2005. In pro forma figures the impact has been recognised as an adjustment to equity. The pro forma accounting principles prior to the listing are presented in Cargotec's listing particulars.

MEUR Pro forma
Pro forma
Orders received 2,384.9 2,337.3
Order book 1,256.9 1,218.5
Sales 2,357.9 1,900.4
Operating income 179.4* 123.9
Operating income, % 7.6* 6.5
Basic earnings/share, EUR 1.90* 1.20
Cash flow from operations 194.1 157.5
Net working capital 206 183
Equity/share, EUR 11.93 10.17
Total equity/total assets, % 46.2 42.2
Gearing, % 15.7 43.0
Return on equity, % 19.2 12.6
Return on capital employed, % 20.9 12.9
* excluding EUR 15.4 million gain from the sale of Consolis
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