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Interim report January-March 2022

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This section contains Cargotec's IR newsletters, mainly published quarterly before the three-week silent period. You can find the most recent letter below.

Pre-silent newsletter Q1/2022

The first quarter of 2022 is now behind us and we would like to take the opportunity and highlight some of our most notable events of the quarter past. Cargotec’s interim report January – March 2022 will be published on Wednesday, 27 April 2022, and the silent period starts on Wednesday, 6 April 2022.

Cargotec refocused its strategy for higher financial performance through sustainability and growth in profitable core businesses

Cargotec announced its refocused strategy on 30 March following the cancellation of the planned merger with Konecranes the day before

Cargotec will focus on sustainability and growth in profitable core businesses Hiab, Kalmar Mobile Solutions and Kalmar’s horizontal transportation business. Cargotec’s vision and breakthrough objectives sustainability and profitable growth remain.

Cargotec will initiate an evaluation of strategic options of MacGregor including a potential sale of the business.

Kalmar’s focus will shift towards mobile solutions and will start planning an exit from the heavy port cranes business.

Hiab will remain at the core of Cargotec’s strategy and its business portfolio will remain the same, but Cargotec plans to further accelerate the development of Hiab’s M&A pipeline.

Cargotec’s capital allocation priorities for upcoming 12 months are planned to be acceleration of M&A, research and development investments in electrification, robotics and digitalisation as well as Cargotec’s climate programme Mission Climate.

Cargotec is planning to host a capital markets day later this year.

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Announced orders in Q1 2022

  • Date (booking quarter): 24 March (Q1/22)
  • Business area: MacGregor
  • Description: Comprehensive packages of RoRo equipment for four PCTC's
  • Country/Customer:Norway/Höegh Autoliners
  • Value: More than USD 15 million

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Other releases from Q1 2022

In January, Kalmar announced to supply world's first electric reach stacker with combined charging system to Westport AS in Norway, and signed a one-year agreement with Norwegian rail operator CargoNet covering the field-testing of a Kalmar Electric Reachstacker.

Hiab introduced the MOFFETT E5 NX as the third model in the eSeries of all-electric truck mounted forklifts. It is the world's first electric truck mounted forklift with a moving mast.

In February, Cargotec published its 2021 annual report and financial statements. The Annual Report 2021 consists of the annual review, financial review, corporate governance statement and remuneration report. The financial review includes the Board of Directors’ report, the financial statements, and the auditor’s report.

In the Board of Directors’ report, Cargotec for the first time also reports the group sales, capital expenditure and operating expenditure according to the EU taxonomy classification system. In 2021, the proportion of taxonomy-eligible economic activities in Cargotec’s total turnover was 100 percent, 100 percent in the capital expenditure, and 100 percent in the operational expenditure.

In March, Cargotec's Annual General Meeting was held virtually. The Annual General Meeting approved a distribution of a dividend of EUR 1.08 for each outstanding class B shares. The dividend payment day was 28 March 2022.

After the AGM, Cargotec's Board of Directors organising meeting 2022 elected Ilkka Herlin to continue as Chair of the Board. Jaakko Eskola was elected as Vice Chair of the Board.

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Q&A on Russia's military attack on Ukraine

We regret to see that the conflict has escalated into war after Russia’s military attack. The attack is a violation of human rights and there is no justification for it. Our thoughts are with those people suffering from the shocking actions. Despite the horrific consequences of the war, the general impact, however, in Cargotec's overall business at this stage is low. Below some Q&A about the situation.

Q: How big a share of your sales comes from Russia and Ukraine?
A: We have stopped all sales to Russia and Belarus until further notice. We have had sales to Russia and Ukraine, but the countries have not been among our top 10 markets. In 2021, Russia’s share of total sales was below 1%. Ukraine's share was even smaller.

Q: Do you have any assembly operations or suppliers in Russia or in Ukraine?
A: We don’t have assembly units either in Russia or in Ukraine. We have a limited number of suppliers in the countries. However, some of our suppliers get some of the steel from Ukraine.

Q: Do we have any employees in Ukraine and/or in Russia?
A: We don't have any of employees in Ukraine. In Russia, we have roughly 50 employees.

Q: What are the long term implications of the war for Cargotec?
The situation is evolving rapidly, on a daily basis, and it is too early to draw any conclusions. A prolonged conflict situation would most probably affect global economic growth adversely.

Q: Has Cargotec supported the civil victims of the war by donating money through charities?

A: The Cargotec Board of Directors has made the decision to donate 100,000 euros to charities supporting the people in need. The donation will be made through two international charities; the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund (50%) and Unicef (50%).

IR activities during Q1

During Q1, we have kept up our active engagement with the financial markets. We met investors on virtual roadshows and hosted standalone meetings and calls with investors and analysts.

If you are interested to meet with us, please do not hesitate to contact Heidi at heidi.gustafsson(at) to agree on the details.

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Q4/17 pre-silent newsletter

The fourth quarter of 2017 has ended, and we would like to remind you of some highlights of the quarter. Cargotec’s financial statements review 2017 will be published on 8 February 2018. The silent period will commence on 18 January 2018. If you would like to book a call with us before that, please contact Tiina (

Orders announced during Q4 2017

(and booking quarter)

Business unit


Country / customer


18 Dec (Q4/17)


Four automated straddle carriers and an emulation system


Not disclosed

11 Dec (Q4/17)


12 Classic Straddle Carriers


Not disclosed

4 Dec
(Q3 & Q4/17)


Orders to optimise the container carrying capabilities of 31 MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company vessels

Mediterranean shipping company

Not disclosed

23 Nov
(Q3 & Q4/17)


Two rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMGs) for intermodal operation


Not disclosed

22 Nov (Q4/17)


Fabrication, engineering and project management of a complete subsea mooring and riser system

Bangladesh-based company

Not disclosed

13 Nov (Q4/17)


Ten Kalmar Rough Terrain Container Handlers (RTCH)

North America

Approx. EUR 10 million

8 Nov (Q4/17)


Xvela collaborative stowage solution

Ocean Network Express

Not disclosed

2 Nov (Q4/17)


Siwertell ST 490-M ship unloader


Not disclosed

Other announcements during Q4 2017

On 21 December, Kalmar signed an agreement to acquire the port services business of Inver Engineering in Australia. Inver Port Services sales account for approximately EUR 5 million and it employs 23 people.

On 21 December, MacGregor signed an agreement to acquire Rapp Marine Group (RMG) in order to strengthen its offering for the fishery and research vessel segment. The enterprise value of the acquisition was approximately EUR 16 million. Rapp Marine Group’s sales in 2017 is estimated to be approximately EUR 40 million, of which approximately 30% is related to services.

On 29 November, Kalmar announced the introduction of new essential range of reachstackers, empty container handlers and forklifts and TL2 terminal tractor in Asia-Pacific region.

On 9 November, MacGregor announced a plan to achieve annual cost savings of approximately EUR 13 million. According to preliminary estimates, the planned efficiency improvement actions may lead to the reduction of approximately 190 employees globally.

On 9 October, Cargotec announced its financial calendar for 2018. The dates for result publications are:

-    Financial Statements review 2017, on Thursday, 8 February 2018
-    Interim report January-March 2018, on Tuesday, 24 April 2018
-    Half year financial report  January-June 2018, on Thursday, 19 July 2018
-    Interim report January-September 2018, on Friday, 26 October 2018

Investor activities and events during Q4 2017

Cargotec’s investor relations organised an investor day for Hiab on 1 December in Helsinki. The event included presentations by Hiab’s President Roland Sundén, CFO Simon Greaves, Services VP Anna Almlöf as well as New Business Solutions VP Jan-Erik Lindfors. Take a look at the presentation material, webcast, interviews with Hiab’s management as well as the IR blog posting about the event.

In addition to the Hiab Investor Day, we hosted roadshows in London, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Chicago and New York. CFO lunch, targeted to sell-side analysts, was also organised in Helsinki.

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Upcoming activities

We will host a site visit to the production facilities of Hiab and Kalmar in Stargard Szczecinski, Poland, on 28 March 2018. The Annual General Meeting will take place in Helsinki on 20 March. Take a look at our IR calendar for other upcoming events. The preliminary roadshow program has also been updated to our calendar.

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