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Kuva - #SmarterBetterTogether Kuva - #SmarterBetterTogether

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Our Q2 results are coming out next week! If you are interested in following our webcast, join us on July 19 at #CargotecResults


"Going electric will change the way we collaborate, what kind of competences are needed and how we innovate through the cargo flow chain," writes Peter Söderberg in his #smarterbettertogether blog.


Cargotec's January-June 2018 half year financial report to be published on Thursday, 19 July 2018:


What are we doing to improve the #sustainability of our customers’ operations? How is it expected to support our growth? Find out from our #investor blog:


#Autonomous, #automated and transparent - the future landscape of global #logistics according to @JariHoo from @Kalmarglobal.


Did you already check out our Marcus Ejdersten's thought provoking piece on the state of #maritime transport? Also covered by @Splash_247: #smarterbettertogether

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