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Kuva - #SmarterBetterTogether Kuva - #SmarterBetterTogether

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RT @portstrategy: Cargotec will continue joint projects with multiple startups to address maritime industry inefficiencies as an outcome of…


RT @PortTechnology: “I genuinely believe these projects have the potential to solve important inefficiencies in our industry..." @Cargotec…


We are cooperating with 7 cutting edge #startups as an outcome of @Rainmaking_T. Read more about what @Kalmarglobal, @MacGregorGlobal and @naviscargo are planning from the press release: #tradewithimpact #smarterbettertogether


Cargotec cooperates with seven startups to solve maritime industry inefficiencies:


Kalmar to extend AutoRTG system at Dublin Ferryport Terminals to further improve operational efficiency:


RT @chrisandships: @Predictronics are finding early-warning signs through mechanical health monitoring of terminal tractors units https://t

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