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Long-term macroeconomic and societal development trends impact and change the world around us. Several concurrent megatrends support the successful implementation of our strategy, and we can adapt our business model to shift weights between them.



In the coming decades, share of the world population living in cities will grow from the current 55 percent to almost 70 percent.

Customer need: Urbanisation requires further infrastructure and housing construction in cities, creating demand for efficient load handling. Growing city logistics need load handling and waste management equipment. In densely populated cities, load handling solutions must be quiet, safe and low in emission levels.

Our answer: Our load handling solutions are used in urban locations and surrounding areas. For example, the advanced design and electrification of Hiab’s on-road offering makes it ideal for urban locations.



The intensive development of digital solutions continues in all areas of society. In the coming decades, improved productivity and reduction of inefficiencies will largely be driven by digital development.

Customer need: Customers seek intelligent cargo handling solutions that optimise operations and reduce inefficiencies while improving productivity and safety.

Our answer: We provide industry shaping digital solutions in the areas of software, automation and intelligence. These solutions seek to solve inefficiencies in the global cargo flow, helping our customers succeed in their endeavours while reducing environmental impact.



Population growth

World population today is 7.6 billion. It is estimated to reach 10 billion by 2056 (UN estimate).

Customer need: Population growth increases the demand for raw materials, energy and end products. To serve the needs of people and society, these goods need to be transported efficiently and sustainably.

Our answer: We provide a broad offering of efficient load and cargo handling solutions for maritime, ports, on-road transportation and various industries.


Energy demand

Global energy demand is estimated to grow at a rate of 1–2 percent per year for the next few decades.

Customer need: The growing energy demand creates a need to further explore, produce and transport energy from various sources, such as from offshore production. Energy mixes are changing with the focus increasingly on renewable energy production. More efficient and reliable equipment are required to help produce and transport energy.

Our answer: Our reliable products and efficient solutions, such as MacGregor offshore solutions, are required to support the production and transportation of energy, both in the form of traditional fossil fuels and renewable energy, such as offshore wind. Additionally, our solutions strive to fulfill the sustainability needs of our customers and the increasing regulatory requirements.


GDP per capita growth

Gross domestic growth per capita (GDP) is expected to grow roughly at a rate of 2 percent per year until 2025, indicating improving economic productivity and economic wealth.

Customer need: The increase in GDP per capita creates more consumption power for our growing population. This is the main driver for increased consumption and world trade, which in turn drives the need to transport goods and materials.

Our answer: With our advanced solutions, services and products, our business areas are present throughout the global cargo delivery chains and can answer to the growing transportation needs.


Increasing concern for the environment

The scientific community and global population largely accept climate change as a fact. Demands to reduce the environmental burden of the growing world trade increase.

Customer need: Legislation and the public opinion as well as customers and their customers require ships, ports, terminals and surrounding cities to be quieter, safer, more energy-efficient and low in emissions.

Our answer: Our eco-efficiency portfolio includes digitalisation and automation solutions as well as electric and hybrid offerings that can reduce the environmental burden of our customers’ operations. The demand for eco-efficient products and solutions is estimated to grow in the future, creating growth opportunities for us.

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