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Long-term macro-economic and societal development trends impact and change the world around us. Several concurrent megatrends support our strategy, and we can adapt our business model to weight shifts between megatrends.



By 2025, 60% of the world's population will live in cities.

Customer need: Construction increases and cities become more crowded as urbanisation accelerates. Transportation in and out of cities is more efficient and is done within tighter spaces. Solutions need to be quiet, safe and low in emission levels.

Cargotec's answer: Cargotec's solutions are used in urban locations and areas surrounding them. Advanced designs and electrifications make, for example, the Hiab offering ideal for urban locations.



The increased efficiency of production and service delivery and the subsequent improvement in sustainability in the coming decades will largely be based on digital solutions.

Customer need: Customers want to optimise their operations with intelligent cargo handling solutions, look for safety and appreciate fuel efficiency and sustainability in their operations.

Cargotec’s answer: Cargotec provides various digital solutions in the areas of software, automation and intelligent products. Digitalisation provides a clear growth opportunity for service business.



Population growth

Population growth increases demand for energy, materials and transportation.

Customer need: The number of people continues to grow, and societies need more raw materials, energy and end-products. These need to be moved efficiently and sustainably.

Cargotec's answer: Cargotec provides load handling solutions for maritime, railroad and on-road transportation needs. More transportation is needed as the number of people increases. This creates growth for load handling.


Energy demand

The estimated annual 1–2% increase in energy demand creates a need to further explore, produce and transport energy from various sources.

Customer need: Customers look for more efficient and reliable equipment for oil drilling, energy production and transportation. Offshore energy production continues to increase. The need for renewable energy production and the importance of renewable energy sources increase.

Cargotec’s answer: Traditional energy production prevails and provides growth possibilities for Cargotec’s solutions. The intensifying trend to find alternate ways to produce energy creates new potential for Cargotec.


GDP growth per capita

Gross domestic product growth per capita is the main driver for increased world trade and consumption.

Customer need: Increase in GDP per capita creates more consumption power for the growing population. Demands to reduce the environmental burden of the growing world trade increase.

Cargotec's answer: Cargotec's business areas are present throughout the growing cargo delivery chain. GDP growth drives world trade and creates more need to transport goods, creating opportunities to our advanced and sustainable products, solutions and services.


Environmental awareness

Concern for the environment increases. The scientific community and global population largely accept climate change as a fact. The Paris 2015 UN Climate Change Conference supports climate risks mitigation. The UN’s sustainable development goals mark the global consensus towards a sustainable world.

Customer need: Legislation, public opinion, customers and their customers require ports, terminals and surrounding cities to be quieter, safer, more energy-efficient and produce less emissions.

Cargotec’s answer: Cargotec offers digitalisation and automation solutions that can reduce the environmental burden. This is the case also with the electric and hybrid offering. The share of these is estimated to grow in the future, giving Cargotec a competitive advantage.