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Cargotec as an investment

Why invest in Cargotec

Cargotec has refocused its strategy for higher financial performance. Cargotec will focus on  sustainability and growth in profitable core businesses Hiab, Kalmar Mobile Solutions and Kalmar’s horizontal transportation business. Read more.

We are a technology leader with strong market positions in all our business areas. Several megatrends support our businesses, ensuring our future growth potential. Our strategy breakthrough objectives are sustainability and profitable growth.

Announced orders

Announced orders published as stock exchange or press releases are listed here, smaller order releases have been excluded. You can access the original release via the link in the first column. All releases can be found here.

Orders announced in Q2/2022

Date (and booking quarter) Business area Description Country/Customer Value
28 June (Q2/22) Kalmar Repeat order for 23 manually-driven, semi-automated hybrid shuttle carriers, integrated into the Terminal Operation System via KalmarOne software, and complemented by services, maintenance and support Morocco and USA/APM Terminals Not disclosed (significant order)
28 June (Q2/22) Kalmar 62 Kalmar Hybrid AutoStrads Morocco and USA/APM Terminals Not disclosed (significant order)
23 June (Q2/22) MacGregor RoRo equipment for four multi-fuel and zero-carbon ready Aurora class Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTCs) Norway/Höegh Autoliners More than USD 15 million
24 May (Q2/22) MacGregor Comprehensive packages of RoRo equipment for three pro-ecological, low-emission RoPax-ferries Poland/Polskie Promy Not disclosed (significant order)

Orders announced in Q1/2022

Date (and booking quarter) Business area Description Country/Customer Value
22 April (Q1/22) Hiab MOFFETT M8 55 NX truck mounted forklifts US/not disclosed Over MEUR 24.5
13 April (Q1/22) Hiab Electric MOFFETT E4 truck mounted forklifts with a five year ProCare service contract, MULTILIFT demountables Germany/Behrens Gruppe (MOFFETT) and Knettenbrech & Gurdulic (Multilift) MEUR 4.5 (Behrens Gruppe, MEUR 1.7 (Knettenbrech & Gurdulic)
24 March (Q1/22) MacGregor Comprehensive packages of RoRo equipment for four Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTCs) Norway/Höegh Autoliners more than USD 15 million


Date (and 
18 Dec (Q4/17) Kalmar Four automated straddle carriers and an emulation system Germany Not disclosed
11 Dec (Q4/17) Kalmar 12 Classic Straddle Carriers Russia Not disclosed
4 Dec (Q3&Q4/17) MacGregor Orders to optimise the container carrying capabilities of 31 MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company vessels from six different ship series Mediterrenean shipping company Not disclosed
23 Nov (Q3&Q4/17) Kalmar Two rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMGs) for intermodal operation Spain Not disclosed
22 Nov (Q4/17) MacGregor Fabrication, engineering and project management of a complete subsea mooring and riser system Bangladesh-based company Not disclosed
13 Nov (Q4/17) Kalmar Ten Kalmar Rough Terrain Container Handlers (RTCH) North America Approximately EUR 10 million
8 Nov (Q4/17) Kalmar Xvela collaborative stowage solution   Not disclosed
2 Nov (Q4/17) Kalmar Siwertell ST 490-M ship unloader Norway Not disclosed
4 Oct (Q3/17) Kalmar Four Kalmar SmartPower Rubber-Tyred Gantry (RTG) Cranes Thailand Not disclosed
12 Sep 
MacGregor Three linkspan facilities France Around EUR 25 million
7 Sep
MacGregor Hatch cover and crane contracts for five Chinese bulk carriers China Not disclosed
23 Aug
Kalmar 7 reachstackers, 11 loaded and 20 empty container handlers Australia Not disclosed
​20 Jul 
​MacGregor ​On-vessel equipment, product fabrication, engineering and project management for a complete mooring and riser system ​   ​Not disclosed
​5 Jul 
​MacGregor Oceanographic winches and Triplex deck 
handling systems
​Germany ​Not disclosed
​3 Jul
​Hiab ​600 HIAB loader cranes ​India ​Not disclosed
22 Jun 
Kalmar ​Six Kalmar Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) cranes ​USA Not disclosed
13 Jun
​Kalmar ​Sixteen hybrid shuttle carriers ​USA ​Approximately 
EUR 13 million
20 Apr (Q1/17) ​Kalmar Kalmar ship-to-shore (STS) cranes ​Netherlands ​​Not disclosed
​29 Mar
​Hiab ​69 MULTILIFT hooklifts and 7 HIAB X188 cranes ​Finland ​Around 2.5 million
13 Mar
​Kalmar ​11 diesel electric straddle carriers ​​Not disclosed
17 Feb
​Kalmar ​30 Kalmar Hybrid Shuttle Carriers Morocco​ ​​Not disclosed
9 Feb
​Kalmar ​708 terminal tractors ​Americas ​70 million
20 Jan
​Kalmar ​13 container handlers ​United Arab Emirates ​​Not disclosed
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